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Pinned Article M365: Information on Email Name Change

All USNH institutions will be unified into a single M365 tenant, with a single instance of email, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. This will facilitate better collaboration and communication across our institutions. As a result, you may notice some changes to your primary email address. This migration allows for a common login page for all USNH institution users, with integrated Calendar, file sharing, Teams and SharePoint. Usernames and passwords will remain the same, distribution lists and the

Pinned Article M365: Instructions for accessing Web-based Email and M365 Apps

As migration of email and M365 data continues across USNH institutions, we are continuing to work through some clean up items related to the Desktop Based applications (Outlook, Apple Mail, Apple Calendar, OneDrive and Teams)

Pinned Article M365: Connecting to services in unified M365 environment

The migration of email and M365 data is complete at Plymouth State University. This article contains resources to assist users in connecting/reconnecting their Microsoft accounts and services.

Pinned Article Should I save files to OneDrive, Teams, or SharePoint?

This article will discuss basic differences between OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint.

Best Naming Practices for Files & Folders

This article describes the best naming practices for files and folders in OneDrive, Teams, or SharePoint.

Box Migration Project FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding the ET&S Box Migration Exploration Project. This FAQ is a work in progress.

Box to M365 Migration: Known Issue Regarding Migration of Box Folders

Known issue: Post migration, folders owned by a group account are no longer visible and/or don't appear in OneDrive.

Create a Workflow to move data from OneDrive to a SharePoint site

Using Microsoft's Power Automate, we can create a work flow to automatically move files and folders from your OneDrive library to a SharePoint library.

Keene State College Microsoft Migration FAQs

This article is related to the Microsoft 365 migration at Keene State College occurring on June 4-6 that will impact all KSC students, faculty and staff.

Keene State College: Connecting to services in unified Microsoft 365 (M365) environment

Once the migration of email and Microsoft 365 data is completed on Sunday, 6/6/21 at 5pm at Keene State College, refer to the links in this article for documentation on connecting/reconnecting to your M365 apps and services.

M365 Hide and Unhide Chats in Teams

Although you can not delete chats with contacts in Microsoft Teams, this article will describe how to hide those chats as desired and then un-hide them is needed again.

M365 Search Features,Tips and Resources

This article will describe the advantages of the new Microsoft search feature as well as how to use them along with some tips, best practices and links to additional resources.

M365: Email Change FAQ

This article contains Frequently Asked Questions regarding the USNH migration to the M365 unified platform as it pertains to Email. During the migration some users will have a new primary email address and email format. Students at Keene State College (KSC) and the University of New Hampshire (UNH) will have a new email address using the convention of and respectively.

M365: Updating apps on your Mobile devices for the Unified M365 environment

Prior to the migration to the unified M365 environment, many users had identities in one or more M365 campus environments which resulted in having accounts and licenses assigned to them from each campus with which they were affiliated. This caused duplication, as well as additional licensing cost, and hindered the ability for users to collaborate with colleagues outside of their primary campus environments.

The new unified M365 environment has consolidated these multiple identities into a si

M365: Sync Best Practices

This article will cover some of the best practices for using the sync option with M365 OneDrive and SharePoint.

Microsoft 365 - Box to M365 Feature Mapping

See how features from Box map and compare to the M365 environment.

Microsoft 365 - Search Features

This article will cover several methods of searching for content within OneDrive and SharePoint.

Microsoft 365 (Integrated Services) - HELP

This article is a placeholder so we can update the Help area of each KB within MIS

Microsoft Forms: Creating, Sharing, Duplicating, and Moving Forms to a Group

This article details steps on creating, sharing, duplicating, and moving your Microsoft Forms to groups.

Microsoft Main User Voice

Have a suggestion for Microsoft? Please check out Microsoft's User Voice. Up vote suggestions you feel would make your favorite Microsoft applications better, provide and track those suggestions!

Microsoft Office: Fix Connectivity Issues

This article describes troubleshooting steps to try if Microsoft Office fails to connect; Try these steps before escalating the issue to the IT Help Desk.

Outlook: Updating Your Outlook Desktop App - Windows

These instructions are provided to assist you in configuring your Windows Outlook Email client to receive your USNH institutional emails using Office 365 after migration to the USNH Unified M365 environment.

Setting up PSU Email on Apple Mac Mail

These instructions are provided to help assist with configuring your Apple Mac Mail client to receive your PSU emails using Office 365.

Upload Files to SharePoint using Microsoft Forms

Using Microsoft Forms, users can submit files and folders which can then be uploaded directly to a SharePoint site. This article describes steps to complete that process.