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This article goes over the most common problem with storage issues on a PlymouthCreate domain, which can be fixed by deleting backup files.
This article gives a brief introduction and describes the process of setting up PlymouthCreate.
This article includes many helpful links to refer to when using Plymouth Create. Categories include: general information, CPanel dashboard, domain management, application, Creative Commons and Public Domain Licensing, exporting, and quotas.
This article describes how to set up your CoursEval so that students have the ability to send you proof of completion.
This article describes how to find when you course evaluation will open or close.
This article reviews some of the most frequently asked questions in regard to CoursEval.
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This article includes a video on how to create an evaluation report as a PDF.
This article includes a video which shows how to locate completed evaluations in CoursEval.
This article describes the CoursEval upgrade and what improvements came with the upgrade.
This article includes a couple of different sets of instructions on sending proof to your professor once your survey is completed.
This article includes steps on how to modify a completed evaluation.
This article describes some frequently asked questions from students including some helpful links for additional assistance.
This article describes how to view your current department faculty evaluations in CourseEval.
This article provides step by step instructions on how to find your past evaluation reports.
This article includes a Youtube link showing how to locate complete evaluations.
This article describes the basic procedures PSU follows with course surveys.
This article describes how to update your Clicker software to the most current version 7.22.
This article describes how to install ArcGIS, using ArcGIS, how to get assistance with the application, and how uninstall.
The article covers how to embedding OneDrive files in a Canvas course.
This article includes a set of 10 tips for students to be more productive while learning online.