Recently Modified Articles

How to Log in to Salesforce including links for all institutions.
This article describes the course creation and student enrollment schedule in Canvas for USNH Institutions.
Connecting to guest wireless on USNH Open Networks
This article provides a checklist for the items Faculty are encouraged to review/update in myElements to optimize their profile page.
This article explains the process for requesting access to course content from a user who is no longer employed by the university.
Plymouth State faculty can request other users be added to their courses and the associated role that will provide the permissions that user will have in the course. The article will outline the process of requesting a user be added to a course.
This article describes the properties of a concluded course.
Namecoach is an LTI integrated into Canvas that allows users to record their name in the manner they would prefer it pronounced. Faculty and students then have the ability to listen to those recordings (less than 10 sec) to better understand pronunciation and provide a more inclusive environment.
Vendor contract language is reviewed in this article.
This article provides a summary of the password rules in the current USNH Password Policy. This policy, based on current industry standards, applies to all USNH applications and campuses.
This article explains how to replace broken links to Box files in Canvas with new links to the same files in an instructor's OneDrive or SharePoint.
This article describes the differences between Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes
This article describes the different course-level roles that can be assigned to users in Canvas (myCourses) and the permissions associated with each. Roles and permissions varying by USNH institution.
This article provides instructions for Tableau Developers to create a Data Extract with Tableau Desktop. Additionally, it describes some of the benefits of using Tableau Data Extracts.
This article shows how to view the Windows BitLocker Recovery Key.
This article shows how to use the scanners in Dimond Library on the UNH Durham campus.
This article has resources for how to install a Baxter printer on MacOS.
This article provides instructions to map PSU departmental share drive on Windows 10.
This article lists the Microsoft 365 Group names for each campus. Use the list to share your Microsoft Teams and SharePoint site with the appropriate group.
This article provides instructions to map MyDrive on Windows 10.
This article provides instructions to map MyDrive on a Mac.
This article shows how to download your MyDrive Files to a USB drive and how to upload them to your MS OneDrive.
This article shows how to map your Turing drive using Windows.
This article includes frequently asked questions about the macOS upgrade to Big Sur and shows how to download and install it from the Apple Store. MacOS “Big Sur” is the latest Operating System released for the Mac. It introduces many new features to make your Mac experience more secure, optimized, and enjoyable. The KSC ITG has been successfully testing the new Big Sur Operating System and will begin facilitating the upgrades to all Mac devices that meet the upgrade criteria.
This article lists the important dates for teaching evaluations for the current term. This information includes the start of the process (data review) to when the report is issued.