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These instructions are provided to help assist with configuring your Apple Mac Mail client to receive your PSU emails using Office 365.
These instructions are provided to assist you in configuring your Windows Outlook Email client to receive your USNH institutional emails using Office 365 after migration to the USNH Unified M365 environment.
This article contains Frequently Asked Questions regarding the USNH migration to the M365 unified platform as it pertains to Email. During the migration some users will have a new primary email address and email format. Students at Keene State College (KSC) and the University of New Hampshire (UNH) will have a new email address using the convention of and respectively.
As migration of email and M365 data continues across USNH institutions, we are continuing to work through some clean up items related to the Desktop Based applications (Outlook, Apple Mail, Apple Calendar, OneDrive and Teams)
This article describes how to change the options for the junk email filter to let you control what you consider to be spam or junk emails.
This article gives a list of resources for Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP).
This article provides information on what MyAnalytics is and how it works.
This article provides instructions to assist with managing email "Distribution Groups" using Exchange Online.
This article explains how to set filters within your mail settings to sort your incoming mail into different folders.
This article provides directions on how to create a new folder in Outlook.
This article contains instructions for creating a contact list within Office 365.
This article describes how to change your default mail reply settings to either "Reply all" or "Reply".
These instructions are provided to help assist users with updating desktop based Apple Mail and Calendar Applications for the USNH Unified M365 environment. There are two parts, 1) removing the old campus based account, and 2) adding the account for the Unified environment.