Uninstall Office Applications

For Windows
For Mac

Note: Uninstalling Office only removes the Office applications from your computer, it doesn't remove any files, documents, or workbooks you created using the Office apps.

For Windows

  1. On the Start menu, enter Control Panel in the search box and select Control Panel from the results.

  2. Select Programs > Programs and Features, then right-click your Microsoft Office product, and choose Uninstall.

More information available at Microsoft - Uninstall Office from a PC.

For Mac

Note: You must be signed in as an administrator on the Mac or provide an administrator name and password to complete these steps.

  1. To uninstall Office from your Mac first open Finder and open your Applications folder.

  2. Select all the Microsoft Apps (Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, and OneDrive) and right click and select Move to Trash.

After this step is complete, you will need to delete the files from your user Library folder.

  1. In the finder window, press command + shift + g. In the window that opens, enter ~/Library and then click Go.

  2. Open the Containers Folder and select and move to Trash the following folders. Please note that some of these folders may not appear.

  • com.microsoft.errorreporting

  • com.microsoft.Excel

  • com.microsoft.netlib.shipassertprocess

  • com.microsoft.Office365ServiceV2

  • com.microsoft.Outlook

  • com.microsoft.Powerpoint

  • com.microsoft.RMS-XPCService

  • com.microsoft.Word

  • com.microsoft.onenote.mac

  • com.microsoft.OneDrive.FinderSync

  1. Select the back arrow in the finder window to go back to the Library folder. Then open the Group Containers folder and Move to Trash the following folders.

  • UBF8T346G9.ms

  • UBF8T346G9.Office

  • UBF8T346G9.OfficeOsfWebHost

  • UBF8T346G9.Office…DriveSyncIntegration

  • UBF8T346G9.OneDriveStandaloneSuite

  • UBF8t346G9.OneDriveSyncClientSuite

  1. Once these have all been moved into Trash, open Trash and select Empty to delete the files from your device.

More information available at Microsoft -- Uninstall Office for Mac.



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