Computer Lab Management and Consulting

Academic Technology staff will provide services on either a fixed rate basis or an hourly basis for management and support of departmental computer labs and classrooms. This service will vary based on the needs of the department, but the most common option is to provide administration and maintenance for the computers in the same fashion as the Student Computing Cluster locations. In this situation, the departmental computers will be setup using the standard configurations and software used in the Clusters. Departments can request other software programs be included.

This service can also be customized to provide other environments should the typical Cluster one not meet the needs of the department. The details of customizations would be negotiated between the department and Academic Technology to establish a Service Level Agreement.

This service is only available for computers located in a computer cluster, hands-on classroom, or teaching laboratory. This service does not extend to computers in faculty or departmental offices or research labs. The department must provide computers that need minimum specifications for the operating systems used by Academic Technology, and the computers must be on UNH Ethernet connections for the typical Cluster Management service. Options for support of wireless laptops are available for additional costs. The department remains responsible for the purchasing of all computers and any hardware repairs or maintenance.


Cluster Management standard service (FY20): $295 per computer per year

Customized service: To be negotiated