Printing Management

Academic Technology offers configuration and management of printers via the Pcounter pay-to-print system. Academic departments may enter into a Service Level Agreement with Academic Technology to have one or more printers managed in this way. Students, faculty, and staff will then be charged for printing on a per-page basis at rates set by the department. Different rates for black, color, single-sided, and double-sided printing can be set. Payments are handled via the campus-wide Cat’s Cache system. The department retains income from the printing charges after fees for the service are covered.

The department is responsible for purchasing and hardware maintenance of the printer and all printing supplies. A computer to manage the printing is also required from the department. Both this computer and the printer must be on UNH Ethernet connections.


Annual fees per print station:

First-year setup costs - $584

Subsequent annual renewal costs - $219

Monthly charges based on printer use:

Academic Computing Systems - 3.0 cents ($0.030) per sheet

The balance of any amounts charged to Cat's Cache by users of the printer will be paid to the department monthly.