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WebIntelligence (WebI) Reporting

WebIntelligence (WebI) is an enterprise application supporting reporting and analysis of data from various systems. Access to reports and data is provided via the WebIntelligence reporting tool which enables web-based, self-service access to reports and data in support of UNH and USNH business units. WebI provides specialized reporting in the following areas:



Reporting for UNH

  • Personnel/Payroll
  • Maintenance Management
  • Equipment
  • Accounting
  • Space Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Utilities
  • Key Control

WebI Finance

Reporting for UNH, USNH

  • Operating Activity - Budgets, Revenues, Expenditures
  • Fund Balances and P&Ls
  • Transaction Detail
  • Grants and Sponsored Programs
  • Buy/Pay, Purchasing and PCards
  • Budget Prep and All Funds Budgeting


Reporting for UNH, USNH

  • Employment Management
  • Benefits
  • Position and Position Budget
  • Job and Compensation
  • Payroll
  • Lists and Labels

WebI InfoEd

Reporting for UNH

  • Submitted Proposals
  • Award Authorizations
  • Disapproved or Withdrawn Proposals
  • Closing Projects
  • Proposal and Award Activity


Reporting for UNH

  • Remedy Ticketing

WebI Advancement

Reporting for UNH

WebI Student

Reporting for UNH, GSC

  • Undergraduate Student Reporting:
    • Admissions
    • General Student
    • Registration and Enrollment
    • R30 Historical Data
    • Grades and Academic History
  • Graduate Student Reporting:
    • Admissions
    • General Student
    • Financial and Accounts Receivable
    • Degrees Awarded
    • R30 Historical Data