Access Management


Visit the UNH IT Accounts Management System to request accounts and access.


Access Management at UNH provides the services needed to request, add, approve, change, or remove access to UNH resources. Including:

Self Service Access Management

  • Manage your user accounts, passwords, and access
  • Request access to an existing application or service
  • View your access dashboard
  • Request access for someone else

Access and Account Maintenance

  • Management of end to end workflow of user accounts (request, approve, create, role assignments, security settings, and terminate) for an existing application or service
  • Maintenance of existing account settings including name changes, job changes, security changes, password resets, and more

Access Tracker

  • Set-up of new application access and accounts including approval, provisioning, and on-going maintenance
  • Management of user accounts (approvals, role assignments, activations, and terminations) in a new application or service
  • Tracking of accounts that are not managed by UNH IT Accounts, provides end to end workflow, enables tracking of access approval processes, ensures de-provisioning of accounts, and provides audit traceability for access