Services include information security services, security scanning software, antivirus.

Services (14)


Antivirus software helps keep your workstation or server healthy and safe to use. Protect your data and your accounts from intrusion and yourself from frustration by using the latest antivirus programs made available to you from UNH IT

BlueKeep Quarantine Remediation

Request remediation of the network block or VPN restriction on your BlueKeep-vulnerable device.

Data Security Scanning Software

Data Security Scanning software is available for use at USNH campuses for protection of sensitive data. Request Service for more information.

DejaBlue Remediation

As part of the DejaBlue Remediation effort, this form allows members of the UNH Community to request that Windows devices be designated in specific ways.

Electronic Equipment Disposal (SEED)

The UNH IT Safe Electronic Equipment Disposal (SEED) program provides for the disposal of UNH-owned surplus electronic equipment.

Enterprise Encryption Services

UNH offers Sophos SafeGuard Encryption which is an IT managed enterprise encryption solution for the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. There is no cost to encrypt computers for UNH/USNH employees.

InCommon SSL Website Certificates

In partnership with InCommon, UNH IT offers unlimited security certificates at no cost to websites affiliated with UNH, USNH, UNH Manchester, Granite State College, and UNH Law.

Information Security Incident Management

UNH Information Security Services is available to assist in responding to and investigating events and incidents that may have information security implications.

Information Security Services

UNH Information Security Services (ISS) provides leadership in establishing technology, policies, standards and practices to enhance information security for UNH and USNH.

One Leavitt Lane Building Access

Request access to One Leavitt Lane or report issues with existing access.

Public Safety Video Camera Consulting

Video cameras that are installed at the University of New Hampshire for safety and law enforcement purposes and video data from such cameras must comply with the Public Safety Video Camera System (PSVCS) standard.

Security Assessment Review

Technology Vendors who may be contracted to provide IT services to The University System of New Hampshire or USNH institutions must demonstrate compliance with applicable USNH policies and/or regulatory standards by completing a Security Assessment Review.

UNH Data Access Request

All use of UNH data must be approved by the appropriate data steward including use of University data housed in one system or application by another system or application. The Data Access Request process facilitates requesting, approving, and tracking requests for access to data.

Web Vulnerability Scanning

Leveraging the Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner (WVS), UNH Telecom allows application developers to request scans of their development sites before rolling into production to determine if any vulnerabilities exist.