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Accounts, Passwords, & Access

Services include Access Management, Authentication Services, and Password Management.

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Password Management

The Password Self Service Application provides tools for managing IT account passwords.

SQL Developer account jrd2031 needs reinitialization

Please create a SQL developer account on GSC CORE and SLLP for jrd2031

Access Management

Access Management at UNH provides the services needed to request, add, approve, change, or remove access to UNH resources.

Authentication Services

The ability to authenticate users is fundamental to providing access to all resources at UNH. A variety of authentication strategies, including single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, multifactor authentication, and directory services are available to meet the wide range of authentication needs across the University’s diverse population.

HR Background Check

Request an HR Background Check.

Identity Management

UNH's Identity Management services offer the setup, maintenance, management, and use of identities at UNH.

Student Preferred Name Display

UNH Students may indicate a preferred first name that will appear in documents internal to UNH.

Please use this form only if you have designated a Preferred First Name with the UNH Registrar and it is not used/displayed somewhere you feel it should be.