iClicker: Download Software


This article describes how to download the iClicker software onto your computer.


iClicker Software:

iClicker Classic Ver 7.22 is the UNH supported student response system.  iClicker is integrated with myCourses (by Canvas) which allows you to utilize your course roster as well as send Clicker grades to your course.  iClickers can be downloaded onto your computer or run from a Flashdrive.   

If you are still using most versions below 7.22 you can quickly update your software, by opening the Clicker application and select the Help option. Next select Check for Updates. Your software will automatically be updated to the newest Clicker version. For detailed instructions check out this article.  iClicker: Upgrade to current version


For new installations see below.


Download Software:

For those wishing to use iClicker with myCourses (by Canvas), click on the appropriate link below to download the software.  The links below will redirect you to UNH Box where the files are stored.

iClicker for MAC (Note that this download will not work with MacOS Sierra - If you believe your Mac is running Sierra, or later (including Mojave), please visit the ATSC on the 3rd floor of Dimond Library for assistance installing the iClicker software)

iClicker for Windows


These files may be stored on a personal laptop that you plan to use iClicker from, or on a USB that you may take into the classroom and run from the installed computers.

Note: iClicker software is not installed on any classroom computers.

IMPORTANT: Do not install iClicker software from the iClicker website as it will not connect with myCourses. Use the installation files linked in this article.


iClicker Training:

If you are new to using iClicker, it is recommended you attend training. While iClicker is easy to use, reviewing the software with the trainer will make it easier and faster to learn the iClicker application and avoid potential issues. When you attend training you will also receive a free Faculty remote device and a cable to use in your classroom.


Click on this link to check the training calendar to see schedule or request a training session.

Need additional help?

If you need assistance with your iClicker device or REEF app, you can visit the ATSC support desk in the Dimond Library.


Fill out the iClicker webform with as much detail as possible.


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