Audiovisual Services Hands-On Classroom Usage


Hands-On Classrooms  are scheduled through one of the following:

In addition to the requested dates and times, be sure to include your course information, anticipated number of students, computer software and the audiovisual resources required (computer projection, document camera, VCR). 

To view information about installed software packages and to request new software, click here.

A letter soliciting requests for booking semester long classes is sent out to all department scheduling representatives and department chairs about the same time as the registrars office is making the master class schedule.  To be added to this list, please email

Home departments will be given preference for placement in the Hewitt 301 classroom.

Requests for MUB 14, Kingsbury N134, and Hewitt 301 will be logged and assigned a needs-based priority:  

  1. First Priority -- Online or Distance Education credit courses.  
  2. Second Priority -- Online or Distance Education credit courses offered in partnership with other colleges, universities or external organizations.  
  3. Third Priority -- UNH Online or Distance Education non-credit courses offered through DCE.  
  4. Fourth Priority -- UNH credit courses that make partial use of the facilities (example: computers & projection).  
  5. Fifth Priority -- UNH non-credit courses that make partial use of the facilities.  
  6. Last Priority -- All others
  • There is no food or drink permitted in Hands-On Classrooms.
  • No classes can be held that exceed the maximum number of seats in the room.
  • All users must be trained before using the equipment in Hands-On Classrooms.  Please contact  to schedule training.


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