Qualtrics - How to Get Support


This article will outline how users can access Qualtrics User Support.  User support for Qualtrics is provided directly through the vendor.


UNH’s license for Qualtrics includes access to the company’s support services. If you are new to Qualtrics or need to learn about specific features and capabilities, you can access the online training and documentation at Qualtrics University - www.qualtrics.com/university/researchsuite/. This website includes video tutorials, reference materials, eBooks, and other resources.

If you have questions about using the Qualtrics service that cannot be answered by the online materials, you can find answers to many questions by visiting https://www.qualtrics.com/support-center/.

Accessing Qualtrics Support

1. While logged into Qualtrics, Click Help in the upper right

2. Click Contact Support

3. Click Sign in with SSO

4. Enter Organization ID, Type 'unh' Lower case and Continue

5. This will bring the user to the UNH Login Page, Enter your UNH credentials and then Submit

6. The User is now entered into the Qualtrics Support area and can choose from several options on the page.


To Email

  1. Choose I have a Different Support Request
  2. Select Survey Platform from the drop down
  3. Select Email
  4. Verify Contact information and selcetion an option "Technical Question/Issue" or "Feature Request/Idea"
  5. Fill in the appropriate informaiton with as much detail as possible and click Submit


Qualtrics Support Phone#

  • (800) 340 9194
  • (385) 203 4999


Need Additional Help?

Contact the UNH Service Desk at: 603-862-4242


Fill out a support webform: https://td.unh.edu/TDClient/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=135


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