Accounts Management System Release Notes

This article will be updated with new Release Notes for the Accounts Management System. Releases typically take place monthly, however sometimes they don't.

Accounts Management System:

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2019 - May

  • Minor updates to several account request pages
  • Minor bug fixes

2019 - March

  • Fixed a bug that was not storing some session data for certain account request pages when using the left-hand sidebar links to review previous steps/accounts in an active request
  • Added UNH TV Digital Signage (Carousel) account for UNH users (Communication and Collaboration > UNH TV Digital Signage)
  • Fixed an issue where some approved Sponsored Users were not displaying properly in "View My Approved Sponsorship Requests"
  • Other minor bug fixes and text updates

2019 - February

  • Added "Little Forest" to the Communication and Collaboration service category
    • What is it? Web governance software that helps monitor broken links, spelling errors, missing pdfs and images, ADA compliance, and optimization (SEO) of websites
    • Available to UNH, UNHM, and USNH users
  • Fixed an issue where GSC users could not see their option for College/Office (GSC/Dean of Integrated Tech.) on some Renew Sponsored User requests
  • Removed Unimarket from the Services page and deactivated Unimarket workflows in TDx
    • Unimarket was decommissioned in December
  • Modified some existing request pages
  • Updated authentication procedure to meet current LDAP requirements
  • Fixed some broken hyperlinks

2019 - January

[no release - TeamDynamix upgrade to 10.1]

2018 - December

  • Fixed some broken hyperlinks, updated footer links to use new tab
  • Added Release Notes link to navbar
  • Fixed an issue where DOB wasn't required/coming through in some requests where it is needed
  • Added  instructions to Fileshare request page
  • Updated worfklows in TeamDynamix with a workaround in order to display comment from final approval step in Feed
    • All workflows with an Approval step set as the final step were not pushing the comments submitted with the approval decision to the Feed within the ticket itself
    • This affected all workflows in the IT Service Management segment
    • TeamDynamix has acknowledged this issue and we have a ticket in with them to supply a fix

2018 - November

[no release]

2018 - October

  • Added "Report an Issue" link to navbar that brings the user to
  • Ticket numbers presented on confirmation page now live link to the ticket in the TD Client Portal for viewing
  • Updated HR security agreement process to match that of FERPA
    • HR Security Agreements are now their own tickets and not part of an account/access workflow
  • GSC WebI Student Request page is now live with workflow

2018 - September


  • Banner Finance page timeout
    • User can now select as many options as they want when requesting Banner Finance accounts without having the server/page timeout on them
  • WTE, Banner HR, WLE Requests (verify/submit page) no longer display an error stating that the supervisor’s username is invalid (on the verify & submit page)
  • All campuses/offices can now see and select TeamDynamix from Select Services page
  • GSC Degree Works account requests now route to the proper workflow

2018 - August

Bug Fixes

  • Removed Blackboard reference from pool/secondary account request page
  • Deactivated "CEPS DSR" option on sponsored user page
    • This was a broken option that wouldn’t create tickets
  • FERPA tickets weren’t being created for some Sponsored User requests and other requests where the requester did not use the Username lookup option
    • When not using the Username lookup function on the employee info step in the AMS, the FERPA check would errantly view the user as having already completed a FERPA
    • The new method will automatically create a FERPA ticket with "unknown user" when no username is supplied via the search


  • New WebI request option and workflow for PSU users
    • Will only display when the account request is being made for a PSU user
    • WebI Finance page has a new check box option that is defaulted as "checked" when a WebI Finance request is being made for a PSU user
    • WebI HR page has a new dropdown option, only visible when requesting for a PSU user
    • Both of these new request types will create a ticket with a new Service/Workflow being added to IT Service Management segment in TDx
    • The new workflow has 3 approval tiers, then the standard PSU WebI creation steps


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