Google Home - Set-up on UNH Network


There may be somewhat limited functionality with Google Home on our network. For example, after connecting Spotify account, saying "Hey Google, play Spotify" and opening Spotify on your mobile device will give you the option to control Spotify on the Google Home. However, other apps, such as Google Play Music, may have limited functionality or require you to connect to Google Home as a Bluetooth speaker. To do this, say "Hey Google, turn on Bluetooth" - go to Bluetooth menu of your mobile device and select Google Home to connect.

UNH uses Aruba's "AirGroup" technology to manage wireless settings. For information regarding AirGroup and managing related settings for your device, see here .

1. Register your Google Home device:

  1. Visit
  2. Click "Non-browser device registration"


          c. Enter your username and password. Enter "Other" in Device field and type "Google Home" in text box below.

         The Hardware Address is Google Home MAC address. Check the "Enable Airgroup" check box.

         If your MAC address begins with a fa:8f, this is a Guest Mode and will not work for registration purposes.

         Toggle off Guest Mode using these instructions:





2. Make sure your mobile device is connected to UNH-Secure wifi during the Google Home set up

3. Open Google Home App and enter your Google Home device. Once device has fully turned on,

     you should see the option to set it up in your Google Home app




4. Follow all prompts, selecting "UNH-Public" as the wireless network

5. VERY IMPORTANT***  If you have an Android mobile device, connection should work without issue.

    If you have an iPhone or other mobile device, we have found setup may take a few tries. The best course

   of action is to attempt setup, wait 5 minutes, and try again.  If device spontaneously asks to set up Google

   Voice Commands, setup has been successful. Alternatively, if someone with an Android device is willing to

   help you, you could do this process logged in to the Google Home app from their phone. After setup is

   complete, log out of your account on their phone, and log back in on your phone, you should see your

   Google Home under registered devices.




















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