Course Search: Add a book note to your course


This information is for faculty or department support staff who provide booklist information for UNH course offerings. Note that booklist details are no longer maintained within the UNH Course Search website. Please go to to provide the list of materials to purchase for an individual course.

This article provides the steps on how to add general notes or information in addition to the list of materials in the course listing.


Steps to add Book notes to a course

  1. Go to to access the course search site.
  2. In the Upper Right corner, click on Faculty Login and login using your UNH credentials and password.
  3. In the top right, select Edit your courses.
  4. Select the term and course you want to edit and Click on Edit link.
  5. Scroll down to the Book List area of the course edit page.
  6. In the Notes entry area add any information you want to display about the book and course material requirements.
  7. Save the changes.


For Additional Support:

Login Issues: For Login issues and course information, registrar information, enter a support ticket using this link.

Course Details: The course details are directly imported from Banner. If the course information is incorrect, please update the information in Banner.

Course book and resources: For questions about the Barnes and Noble book ordering functionality, please contact the UNH Bookstore at the bookstore. For more details view their link at Customer Service .


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