Accessibility: Guidelines and Checklist

UNH has an obligation under the law to ensure all students have access to course materials. Providing content with varied access modalities helps all students succeed, not just those with identified disabilities. It is easier to design accessible content up front than it is to retrofit poor design, reactivity. Consider this checklist to create accessibility proactively.


  • Does your video have captions and audio have transcripts?
    • Videos that live outside of UNH: Instructors should search resources that have captions provided, for example Ted Talks, etc.
    • DVD: Instructors should not copy DVD’s into their course. It is a violation of copyright. Instructors should use services like Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, etc., or check with the library for options.
    • Lectures created by instructors: To make sure the lecture video aligns with the learning objectives, instructors should always make outlines of their lecture videos. This can efficiently help them manage the time of the lecture videos, as well.
    • All videos selected for the course should have strategic alignment with course or module learning objectives.
  • Do all your content images have alternative text?
  • Do all your documents in myCourses pages include accessible formatting?
  • Have you used color cues to deliver information? (Read Accessibility: Accessible Course Design for more detailed information).
  • Have you avoided using flash-based videos or webinars in your courses? (Please read the Thoughts on Flash article from Apple so you understand why flash is not supported on the Apple mobile devices)
  • Have you used descriptive link names in your courses?

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