Why Caption?


Providing access to course materials is essential. It is also a legal requirement. DSS has the responsibility to help ensure access and provide accommodations for students with disabilities. As we incorporate best practices into teaching, we broaden access and minimize the need to retrofit. The following steps are noted to help ensure we provide accessible videos.

  1. Select videos to be used in advance (no less than 7 days).
  2. Identify frequently (ongoing) used videos and caption if not already captioned.
  3. Select captioned videos.
  4. For uncaptioned videos, submit to Kaltura for automated captioning.
    1. Editing is required when a specific student need exists.
    2. No editing is necessary if no known need exists, although review for general accuracy is strongly encouraged.
      1. Editing is the responsibility of the instructor/department.
  5. For uncaptioned videos unable to be captioned by the instructor/department, submit to Disability Services for Students (DSS).
    1. Less than 4 days notice may preclude the ability to caption the video.
    2. If unable to caption in time for use, the video is inaccessible and should not be used.

Captioning your lecture videos will help not only students who are deaf/hard-of-hearing, but everyone else in your course as well:

  1. For non-native English-speaking students, providing closed captions will improve comprehension of your lecture videos.
  2. For Instructors with English as a secondary language, providing captions will help improve student comprehension.
  3. Closed captions help your students understand, spell, and properly pronounce discipline-specific terminology.
  4. Closed captions provide better cognitive reinforcement. Some students learn better while they read.
  5. Closed captions can make your lecture content searchable using keywords.
  6. Videos can be viewed with the sound off in places like the library.

How to Caption your videos:

Videos uploaded to MyCourses using Kaltura are automatically captioned to 80% accuracy using Kaltura Reach.

It is important to remember that there is need to review and edit captions once they are complete.

Learn more about the captioning workflow.


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