Kaltura - Captioning a Video

Captioning is here!

Videos uploaded to Kaltura will now automatically be captioned! This process is handled by Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology and is about 80% accurate. The remaining errors can be corrected by hand. This process is not immediate, and captions will take some time to appear. If you rip the video from a DVD or download from another location, captions may already be available.

The overall process of creating a captioned video consists of:

  1. Uploading to Kaltura
  2. Correcting captions:

The captioning workflow outlines a variety of starting points for video and the steps to get those videos captioned.

Uploading to Kaltura:

Once you have a video file, you can upload it to Kaltura. Automatic captioning will take place while the video is processing. Once the automated captioning is complete, your video will be captioned with around 80% accuracy.

Editing Captions:

The REACH caption editor can be found in your myMedia library by clicking the "Actions" tab under the video you wish to edit. Clicking through EDIT > Captions > Edit Captions will bring you to the editor.



For more information about editing these files please follow this link to a Kaltura tutorial:

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