Kaltura - Captioning a Video


This article describes how to caption a video in Kaltura.

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You can request that captions be added to your Kaltura media. This process is handled by Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology and is about 80% accurate. The remaining errors can be corrected by hand. This process is not immediate, and captions will take some time to appear. If you rip the video from a DVD or download from another location, captions may already be available.

The overall process of creating a captioned video consists of:

  1. Uploading to Kaltura
  2. Correcting captions:

The captioning workflow outlines a variety of starting points for video and the steps to get those videos captioned.


Editing Captions:

The REACH caption editor can be found in your myMedia library by clicking the "Actions" tab under the video you wish to edit. Clicking through EDIT > Captions > Edit Captions will bring you to the editor.



For more information about editing these files please follow this link to a Kaltura tutorial:

Edit Captions

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