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Extend UNH - Move course content to a new ExtendUNH course

This document explains how to export course content from a UNH Canvas course and import it into your course.

If you have created your course in the UNH environment, you can move it to the course site by using the Export/Import process.  Since these two course environments are in different server locations you are not able to use the course copy functionality.

Extend UNH - How to add and manage users in your ExtendUNH Course

This document describes how to add the users in your course as well as end of course suggestions. The term “Users” refers to both students and teachers. When an action refers to only one or the other, then the word student or teacher will be used.

Extend UNH - How to Login to an ExtendUNH course

This document describes how non-UNH and UNH students and instructors login to the ExtendUNH course site.  Non-UNH users will use the email provided to the person managing the courrse, while UNH users will use their UNH credentials.

Important Information about UNH Policies and Procedures for Students

This article contains important information about UNH Policies and Procedures for students.

Is my current Web browser compatible with myCourses by Canvas?

This article describes Web browser compatibility with myCourses by Canvas.

J-Term support for winter break

This article provides quick links to the most common support questions that may arise for faculty teaching an online or hybrid J-Term course with special attention to questions that may arise during the time period when the University is closed.

myCourses - Collaborations accessing Office 365

This article describes how to access Office 365 through Collaborations.

myCourses - Frequently Asked Questions about Email Issues and Notifications

This article is a list of frequently asked questions about using myCourses email and issues that could occur. Also provided is a link to the article about how to use the notification settings for myCourses.

myCourses - Known issue when using Flash in Safari and IE

This article describes known issues when using Flash in Safari and IE.

myCourses - Add a syllabus to your course

This article describes how to add a syllabus to your course in myCourses.

myCourses - Adding a Preferred Email (or SMS)

This article describes how to change your primary email from the default to another email address or text (SMS) address within myCourses.

myCourses and Webcat - Resource Links for course Final Grade

This article provides a link to the registrar's website and their FAQ's as well as information about the myCourses grade passback.

myCourses - Assign Quiz Due Date for one student

This article describes how to assign a quiz due date to one student in myCourses.

myCourses - Best Practices for Quizzes

This article lists some best practices to consider about myCourses Quizzes.

myCourses - Canvas Mobile Applications (Apps) Functionality

This article explains the application functionality of myCourses on Apple and Android tablet devices and Apple mobile devices.

myCourses - Canvas support

This article provides a list of options for answering your questions about using myCourses and technical support.

myCourses - Collaborating with Office 365

This article describes how to use Office 365 to collaborate with the members within a specific course.

myCourses - Course Access Post Term FAQ

This article answers some of the general questions that arise when trying to determine myCourses access for courses after the term has been completed.

myCourses - Course Analytics

This article describes the new Analytics Beta tool that will replace Course Analytics in myCourses.

myCourses - Course creation and student enrollment schedule

This article describes the course creation and student enrollment schedule in myCourses.

myCourses - Create and use Groups for assignments in your course

This article describes how to create Groups and use groups for assignments.

myCourses - Disabling Replies to Announcements

This article describes how Announcement replies work in myCourses.

myCourses - Grade Post Policies

The myCourses gradebook offers the option to set the default grade post policy to all assessments in the course or only individual assessment.  The grade post policy can be set to automatically hide grades and comments from students or to be viewable by students.  The course level grade policy settings are accessed by selecting the Cog wheel in the gradebook and individual assessment grade policy settings are located in the gradebook column menu list.

myCourses - Gradebook with list of new features

In August 2018 Canvas (myCourses) changed and added functionality to the Gradebook area of the application.  Below is a chart that compares some of the functionality from what it was to what it is now.

myCourses - How to create a quiz

This video details about to create a quiz and explains the various quiz settings that you can apply.

myCourses - How to Print tests or quizzes

This article explains how to print a test in myCourses to paper or pdf file.

myCourses - How to Print the Syllabus Page

This article describes how to print the syllabus page in myCourses.

myCourses - Known Issues

This article provides a summary of the known issues currently in myCourses.

myCourses - Managing Course Files

This article describes the process to manage course files and why it is important.

myCourses - Managing the Course Menu

This article describes the default course menu settings and how to manage the course menu in a myCourses course.

myCourses - Managing your Course List

This article describes how to manage and customize the Course list on the myCourses Dashboard.

myCourses - Notification Preferences and Settings

This article describes how to change notification settings in myCourses.

myCourses - Organizations Bulk Enrollment

This document describes the user management process for organizations in myCourses.

myCourses - Outlook Displays Incorrect Aliases (Known Issue)

This article describes a known issue with Outlook as it pertains to displaying usernames.

myCourses - Plagiarism Detection

This article describes the status of plagiarism software within myCourses. The report interface for VeriCite is being updated the end of July 2017. The functionality remains the same but the report will be easier to navigate and use. Follow the links below to either the faculty or student KB article for more details.

myCourses - Quiz Settings and Security

This article contains some notes about quiz settings in your myCourses Canvas course.

myCourses - Quizzes Overview

This video provides an overview of how to create and manage quizzes in your course.

myCourses - Requesting course extension for incomplete coursework

This article describes how to request an extension in myCourses to allow students and faculty to finish incomplete work or grading.

myCourses - Research and Adopt Course Material

The Barnes and Noble Faculty Enlight application is the new system for all booklist information.  The new navigation links within myCourses provide easy access for faculty to create and edit their course booklist and for students to view that booklist information. All information entered in Faculty Enlight is also published on the UNH Course Search site.

myCourses - Semester End Concluded Course

This article describes the properties of a concluded course.

myCourses - Support and technical help for instructors

This article describes how faculty can obtain solutions for functionality and technical issues involving myCourses, powered by Canvas.

myCourses - Support and technical help for students

This article describes how students can get myCourses help online, by phone, and in person.

myCourses - Timed Quiz Considerations

This article details timed quiz considerations and how timed quiz work in myCourses.

myCourses - To Access Student View

This article describes the Student View feature in myCourses, including known issues as well as linking to pertinent myCourses by Canvas Guides articles.

myCourses - Use Moderate Quiz to give student extra attempts

This article describes how to moderate a quiz in myCourses.

myCourses Adding Audio Files Best Practices

This article describes best practices for using audio files in a myCourses course.

myCourses by Canvas Help

This article describes where and how to find myCourses by Canvas help and support documentation.

myCourses by Canvas Login

This article describes how to login to myCourses by Canvas at UNH.

myCourses by Canvas Student Overview

The following topics are the most common asked questions about using myCourses, powered by Canvas, as a student. Click on the topic title to access the topic on the Canvas help site.

myCourses Organization Enrollment Workflow

This document describes the user management process for organizations in myCourses.

myCourses Post-Term Course Access FAQ

This article answers some commonly asked questions concerning post-term course access in myCourses.

myCourses Strips Attached Files from Email (Known Issue)

This article describes situations in which myCourses may remove attached files from communications through the system.

myCourses: Gradebook Final Grade Override

This article describes the Final Grade Override feature in myCourses.

myCourses: I can't Remember my Password. How do I reset it?

This article describes how to reset your myCourses password.

Unsupported Google Chrome plugins

This article describes why a number of plugins for Google Chrome are no longer supported.