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This article describes how to share files and folders on SharePoint.
This article walks you through getting set up in Zoom, installing Zoom, starting a meeting, and hosting a meeting.
In this video, we'll review where to find and how to use Zoom's editing functionality.
This article shows you how to record a meeting using zoom by video or with written instructions.
This article walks you through scheduling a Zoom meeting, starting a meeting, things to do before the meeting, best practices for hosting a meeting, and best practices using your camera.
This article walks you through how to schedule a Zoom Meeting from Zoom and from Outlook.
This article lists common questions and answers about Zoom.
Zoom meetings will have a Waiting Room enabled by default. There are now three options for users regarding Waiting Rooms, this article will outline all three options.
This article describes how to set a video to unlisted in Kaltura so that it will be able to be shared with others.
This article explains what Microsoft Teams is and how it can be used.
This article instructs how to turn off the email notifications for Yammer.
This article describes how to rejoin a private group in Yammer after previously leaving it.
This article goes over how to access Microsoft Teams from different outlets including from a browser, the desktop app, and the mobile app. It also clearly specifies how to access it for Students and Faculty and Staff.
This article describes file management and the best place to store your documents.
How to install Microsoft Office 365 for Windows.