Qualtrics - Getting Started with Qualtrics Survey Tool


Introduction to Qualtrics, USNH’s online survey tool including account setup and support. Qualtrics is available to faculty students and staff at GSC, PSU and UNH.


Possible Use Cases:

  • Mid-term course feedback surveys
  • Faculty research
  • Student research
  • Departmental surveys
  • Administrative surveys

If you are a first time  Qualtics user, follow the steps below for setting up your account.  Each institution will have unique instructions. 


Keene State College:

Granite State:


  • https://survey.unh.edu/
    • All UNH students, faculty, and staff are permitted to use the service for coursework, research, and all other University-related business.
  • Skip down to "Click Create New User"


User Accounts from Outside USNH:

The first time you log in, you will be asked if you have an existing Qualtrics account (perhaps from another institution). If you do, and ONLY if you would like to merge it with your new Qualtrics account, please select Yes. The majority of users will select No to this question.


Here are the steps you will follow for a new account (answering No)

    Click Create New User
    A window will display with the following fields:

  1.     Username
  2.     Email - fill in field with your email address using your alias (ie. first.last@institution.edu)
  3.     Fill in First and Last names
  4.     Terms and Conditions will display. Click Agree
  5.     You should be brought to the Projects page so you can begin creating a survey project.


Need Additional Help?


Users who need technical and how to support can go directly to Qualtrics, USNH provides limited support for the application.

  1. Qualtric's centralized website to meet any additional academic support needs.
  2. Users can go directly to Qualtrics for user support:  Qualtrics - How to Get Support
  3. User Account issues please fill out this Web Form:  Contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus or fill out this support webform.


  1. Qualtrics Training Videos



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