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These instructions are provided to necessary updates to Apple iOS (mobile) devices to receive "Email and Calendar" using Exchange Online after the M365 migration to the USNH Unified environment. During this process you will be asked to delete the existing account and re-add the new unified account.
This article is for campus office administrators who schedule Zoom meetings for other users in their department.
This article explains why images in email content may not scale to fit when viewing on different platforms.
This article will cover the Frequently Asked Questions with syncing your Outlook calendar with Navigate.
This article will walk users through the process of syncing their Outlook calendar with Navigate to ensure availability is accurate.
This article provides instructions to assist with managing email "Distribution Groups" using Exchange Online.
This article explains how to set filters within your mail settings to sort your incoming mail into different folders.
This article provides directions on how to create a new folder in Outlook.
This article contains instructions for creating a contact list within Office 365.
This article describes how to change your default mail reply settings to either "Reply all" or "Reply".