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This article describes how to import or copy course content from one Canvas course to another.
This article describes the basic steps for building a course using the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). The links below are listed in the order you should review. If you would like to attend a training or walk-in session see the links at the bottom of the article for the schedule.
This article describes how to reset your Canvas password.
This article describes how to get help with "un-crossing" your courses.
This article describes where and how to find Canvas help and support documentation.
This article describes how to add a person and assign a role in a Canvas course. These instructions apply to adding any person and role to your course, just make sure you select the appropriate role (Faculty, Student, Observer, TA, Designer, etc)
In Canvas instructors are able to combine multiple course sections to deliver all course content using a single course.  This is called 'Cross-Listing' and the steps below walk you through how to do this.
This article describes the course creation and student enrollment schedule for Canvas.
This article describes the Canvas DocViewer as well as supported document types in Canvas.
This article describes Web browser compatibility with Canvas.
This article describes how to embed a video or audio file into a MyCourses course.
Teaching strategies and technology tools available to use during an academic disruption.
This article describes the External Apps (LTI Tools) that have been enabled for Canvas at UNH as well as the process for requesting that a specific application be enabled.
This article describes how to create a video/audio assignment within myCourses.
Currently, the embed Kaltura icon and tool is not present in the New Quizzes text editor. This article explains how to embed Kaltura content into a New Quizzes question prompt, along with how to upload media and images directly into a New Quizzes question prompt.