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This article will talk about the use and functionality of the Kiosk mode within Navigate. Kiosk Mode allows advising centers to incorporate a check in option for students to either enter in their Student ID or swipe their Student ID to check them into a center or event.
This article will cover reporting on attendance that was captured using the Kiosk mode within Navigate.
This article will focus on the process for marking an appointment as complete and adding details to a Report once the advisor has met with the student and conducted the advising session.
This article will describe what to consider when creating a campaign as well as instructions on how to create a campaign.
This article contains a brief overview of Navigate with links to important articles for help with the application.
This article will provide the URL and credentials for logging into Navigate which is serviced by Teaching and Learning Technologies.
This article will demonstrate how an advisor would set their availability within the Navigate application.
Progress Reports will be generated from Navigate somewhere around the 5-8 week mark of a semester. These reports will allow faculty to flag students that are below average for that specific class which will in-turn create an Alert and a Report for that student. The Student's Success Team will then coordinate appropriate follow-up with the student.
Navigate allows students to check in on-line for appointments, this article will outline what happens for the Advisor, Faculty or other support team members when students check-in on-line.
This article will provide a list of Frequently Asked Questions about reports.
This article will provide step by step instructions on how to generate reports within Navigate.
This article will discuss the newly revamped reports area within the application. Recently the vendor redesigned reports in the application and went from 49 report to 16 without losing any functionality.
As part of UNH's student success initiative, the University will be leveraging myWildcat Success for early alert progress reports. These take place at approximately week 5 of a semester and will provide faculty a means to identify students that may be "at risk" for various reasons. This article will provide information to students on how to access a report within myWildcat Success should they receive any notification.
This article will cover the steps to add Summary Details to an appointment that was not scheduled using Navigate.
This article will discuss identifying students that have an Alert and associated Tag on their profile based on being flagged from a Progress Report(s).