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Microsoft Immersive Reader creates a reading experience that adds accessibility and comprehension for learners of all ages and abilities.  As an instructor or student, you can use the Microsoft Immersive Reader on a Page in Canvas (myCourses). You cannot use it in announcements, quizzes, assignments, or discussions.
This article describes the different course-level roles that can be assigned to users in Canvas (myCourses) and the permissions associated with each. Roles and permissions varying by USNH institution.
This article describes how an instructor would obtain course data when there are questions or concerns about academic integrity.
This article describes how to export content to the Canvas Commons.
This article describes how to import resources to your course from Canvas Commons.
This article describes how to search Canvas Commons.
This article will explain the process for requesting access to course content from a user that is no longer employed by the university.
This document describes how non-USNH users, USNH students and USNH instructors login to the Extend USNH Canvas course site. Non-USNH users will use the email provided to the person managing the course, while USNH users will use their USNH credentials.
This document explains how to export course content from a USNH Canvas course and import it into your Extend USNH Canvas course.
This document describes how to add the users in your course as well as end of course suggestions. The term “Users” refers to both students and teachers. When an action refers to only one or the other, then the word student or teacher will be used.
This video demonstrations how to create an announcement in Canvas.
This video details about to create a quiz and explains the various quiz settings that you can apply.
This article describes the options available when a course has an Honors designation.
This article describes how to manage your Canvas size quota.
This article describes the External Apps (LTI Tools) that have been enabled for Canvas at UNH as well as the process for requesting that a specific application be enabled.