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This article provides an FAQ about the basics of SharePoint and its operations.
This article describes how to request a migration to SharePoint Online.
This article describes the different types of SharePoint Online sites: communication and team.
This article describes how to share files and folders on SharePoint.
This article describes how to create shareable files and folders links in OneDrive.
This article is a list of links to all of the articles about SharePoint.
This article gives a list of links of resources for OneDrive.
This article describes how to recover files or folders in OneDrive or on your computer that may have been trashed or deleted.
This article gives information about your OneDrive. It also gives you information about OneDrive as a desktop app and OneDrive as a mobile app.
This article explains the features in Microsoft Teams and what you can do with them.
This article overviews how to add and manage collaborators on Microsoft Teams. The team owner is the only one allowed to add collaborators to a team. Guest collaborators can be added.
This article goes over how to create a new team on Microsoft Teams from an already existing team using various templates.
How to sign into the Office 365 Desktop Client for both Windows and Mac users.
This article goes over how to record a slide show in Microsoft 365 Powerpoint, and how to upload the slide show using Kaltura.
This article describes how to set your scheduling policies and publish the booking page.