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This article describes how to create shareable files and folders links in OneDrive.
This article describes how to access OneDrive with your UNH account.
This article describes how to recover files or folders in OneDrive or on your computer that may have been trashed or deleted.
This article gives information about your OneDrive. It also gives you information about OneDrive as a desktop app and OneDrive as a mobile app.
This article goes over how to create a new team on Microsoft Teams from an already existing team using various templates.
This article describes how to clear Cache off a device, Windows and Mac, which can help with lag. It is important to note that if these steps do not completely work, try disabling Hardware Acceleration under User>Settings>General. Then check the box for "Disable GPU Hardware Acceleration".
This article goes over how to create a team on the Microsoft Teams platform and inviting collaborators once the team is created.This is also while designating and creating a team owner and creating a channel within a team page.
This article provides a comprehensive overview of how to use libraries in SharePoint.
This article describes the different types of SharePoint Online sites: communication and team.
This article details how to delete a SharePoint website and how to restore a deleted SharePoint website.
Create a SharePoint Online communication site to share news, reports, status, and other information in a visually compelling format. Communication sites are responsive and can be viewed from anywhere on any device.
You can create a SharePoint Online team site to provide a location where you and your team can work on projects and share information from anywhere on any device. A team site includes a group of related web pages, a default document library for files, lists for data management, and web parts that you can customize to meet your needs.
This article provides an FAQ about the basics of SharePoint and its operations.
This article details how to login when using the Microsoft SharePoint application.
This article details some of the benefits and features of the Microsoft SharePoint application.