Recently Modified Articles

This article describes how to create shareable files and folders links in OneDrive.
This article describes how to access OneDrive with your UNH account.
This article describes how to add a video to your instructor course page using Kaltura media.
This article includes information on how to include a Kaltura media video through the text editor for students and instructors.
This article contains a video demonstration, installation instructions, and directions on how to save/upload your Kaltura Capture recording.
This article will outline the process for a student to check in on-line for a virtual appointment with an advisor of faculty member.
Navigate now has the ability to include a URL/Phone number for the meeting, assisting in a virtual environment.
This article will focus on the process for marking an appointment as complete and adding details to a Report once the advisor has met with the student and conducted the advising session.
This article gives a general overview of Media Gallery.
This article describes some free alternatives to Windows Movie Maker.
This article will focus on the students perspective of scheduling an appointment with their advisor using Navigate platform.
This article describes how to share media with other users through collaboration and media ownership settings in Kaltura.
This article describes how to use the Inbox (email) tool from your Canvas course site.
All emails sent through the Salesforce Marketing Cloud require approval prior to being sent. This article describes the available approval teams, when they are used, and who the approvers are for that team.
The following topics discuss how to share links, files, and folders in Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. You may select from three options when sharing: anyone, people in your organization, and specific people.
This article describes how to share files and folders on SharePoint.
This video provides an overview of all the communication tools in Canvas.
This article includes a video on how to create an evaluation report as a PDF.
This article describes how to import a previously exported course (Blackboard or Moodle) course into a Canvas course.
This article provides information on managing course content from a migrated Moodle course in Canvas.
This article provides an overview of end to end encryption (E2EE). End to end encryption should only be used when the privacy of your meeting is of utmost concern as it disables many of the commonly used features of Zoom.
This article describes how to recover files or folders in OneDrive or on your computer that may have been trashed or deleted.
This article describes file management and the best place to store your documents.