Recently Modified Articles

Plymouth State Canvas users have the ability to add some users to Canvas but will need to contact other persons to assist in adding users with specific roles.
This article describes the course creation and student enrollment schedule in Canvas for USNH Institutions.
This article describes how to add a person and assign a role in a Canvas course. These instructions apply to adding any person and role to your course, just make sure you select the appropriate role (Faculty, Student, Observer, TA, Designer, etc)
This article provides an overview of the services of the Print Depot at the Lamson Learning Commons.
This article is a list of links to all of the articles about SharePoint.
This article describes Web browser compatibility with Canvas.
This article includes some of the most frequently asked questions regarding audiovisual services.
This document describes how non-USNH users, USNH students and USNH instructors login to the Extend USNH Canvas course site. Non-USNH users will use the email provided to the person managing the course, while USNH users will use their USNH credentials.
This article gives a list of links of resources for OneDrive.
This article shows how to sign in to Zoom with your USNH Single Sign On (SSO) username and passphrase. Many Zoom meetings now require you to sign in with your USNH username and passphrase before you can access the meeting. For the best meeting experience, always make sure you sign in to Zoom before starting or joining a meeting.
This article will cover the Frequently Asked Questions with syncing your Outlook calendar with Navigate.
How to setup Navigate for students to pre-schedule office hour appointments in person or virtually.
This article will walk users through the process of syncing their Outlook calendar with Navigate to ensure availability is accurate.
Learn how to import the PSU course template from Canvas Commons into your course(s).
This article will outline the steps to take when it becomes necessary to cancel a scheduled meeting with an advisor, faculty or other support team member.
This article will provide information regarding what Alert Reasons faculty will be presented on the early assessment survey, as well as when to use them and the desired outcomes.
This article will provide the URL and credentials for logging into Navigate which is serviced by Teaching and Learning Technologies.
This article provides an overview of the Early Alert process using Navigate.
Navigate users may need to create a list of students for a Student list from an external source. The application allows users to import a list of student IDs from a .csv file directly to an existing or new watch list.
This article will cover Frequently Asked Questions and some troubleshooting tips that when a student is unable to make an appointment with their advisor through the Navigate software.