Recently Modified Articles

This article provides a summary of the acceptable file types and codecs one can import into Kaltura.
The article covers how items import from Moodle to Canvas.
This article includes many helpful links to refer to when using Plymouth Create. Categories include: general information, CPanel dashboard, domain management, application, Creative Commons and Public Domain Licensing, exporting, and quotas.
This document describes how non-UNH and UNH students and instructors login to the ExtendUNH course site.  Non-UNH users will use the email provided to the person managing the courrse, while UNH users will use their UNH credentials.
This article will discuss identifying students that have an Alert and associated Tag on their profile based on being flagged from a Progress Report(s).
If you're using Kaltura Capture, the latest version of the Kaltura recording software these are the instructions for locating the local storage on your hard drive.
This article describes how to use MediaSpace to create or upload videos that can be publicly viewed.
This documentation is on linking a Kaltura Video Resource back into your Canvas Course when you migrate from Moodle. We’ll also look at how unlisted Kaltura video links import from Canvas into Moodle and Kaltura Media Assignments.
This article will cover the different areas of the student profile and define the information contained within.
This article will discuss how to add a non-UNH user to a meeting as a Host or Co-host
This article describes how to use Zoom to record directly to the 'cloud' via Kaltura.
This article will walk the user through creating a new Zoom meeting with a registration option. This will require attendees to register for a meeting prior to the start.
This article provides information on using the Self-Selected Breakout Room functionality in Zoom.
This article will discuss how to share media and sound during a live meeting in Zoom.
This video walks you through a sample lecture period using Zoom.
This article describes how to check for and install updates in Zoom.
This article describes how to disable the automatic cloud recording e-mail notifications from Zoom.
This article is for campus office administrators who schedule Zoom meetings for other users in their department.
This article describes troubleshooting tips for Zoom.
This article is an overview of Zoom, the UNH web conferencing software.
This article is about using a Zoom tool built into MyCourses.