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This article contains important information about UNH Policies and Procedures for students.
This article describes how to clear Cache off a device, Windows and Mac, which can help with lag. It is important to note that if these steps do not completely work, try disabling Hardware Acceleration under User>Settings>General. Then check the box for "Disable GPU Hardware Acceleration".
This article describes how to check for and install updates in Zoom.
This article overviews how to add and manage collaborators on Microsoft Teams. The team owner is the only one allowed to add collaborators to a team. Guest collaborators can be added.
This article describes best practice for online student learning.
Respondus LockDown browser is a new tool used by faculty when administering quizzes or tests through Canvas.  This application uses several methods to discourage cheating such as the inability to use other browsers and chat software.
This article provides a general overview of My Media.
Zoom is an easy-to-use web classroom platform that allows for real-time video and screen sharing to hold live class sessions at a distance.
This article describes how to embed a video or audio file into a MyCourses course.
This article gives a general overview of Kaltura.
This article contains step by step instructions on becoming familiar and using Zoom equipment in the classroom.
This article describes how to get started with Kaltura Capture.
Getting Started with the Meeting Owl
This article provides a general overview of Kaltura Capture.
This article describes how to use AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable for recording or streaming.
The following topics are the most common asked questions about using Canvas as a student. Click on the topic title to access the topic on the Canvas help site.
This article is an overview of Zoom, the UNH web conferencing software.
Most of the time the default Kaltura Capture settings will be sufficient. Refer to this article if you need to change settings.
This article describes the best practices for online assessments, including design and content strategies.
This article describes how to disable the automatic cloud recording e-mail notifications from Zoom.
This article describes how to upload or create media using Kaltura.
This article provides a list of options for answering your questions about using Canvas and technical support.
This article explains how to manage notifications in Microsoft Teams.
This article will provide Tools and Tips to Zoom meeting hosts to control how participants can interact in the meeting in efforts to prevent unwanted material. ZoomBombing