Canvas (myCourses): Requesting course extension for incomplete coursework


This article describes how to request an extension in Canvas to allow students and faculty to finish incomplete work or grading.


Students with incomplete coursework 

Granite State College

Course access for GSC students is based on their degree program.

  • Undergraduate and Post-baccalaureate students will retain access to their courses for 3 weeks after the course end date. 
  • Graduate students will retain access to their courses. Student access will be converted to read-only 3 weeks after the course end date which means they will no longer be able to submit assignments, post discussions, or utilize Canvas tools within that course.  Assignments, course resources, feedback, quiz results, and grades will remain visible.

Students with an approved incomplete in their course will be automatically included in a Registrar's office list and have their Canvas course extended to the completion deadline. There is no action needed on the part of an instructor or student beyond submitting the Incomplete Request Form. Full details are available in the catalog and on the college’s Forms & FAQs page.

Plymouth State University

Students retain access to their courses through the end of the following semester before the course becomes read-only/inactive in Canvas. For example, students with a course incomplete from a Fall semester will retain access to completing course work through the end of the Spring semester. Instructors do not need to take any actions to extend course access. 

University of New Hampshire

Students have 4 weeks after a course end-date to complete their coursework before the course becomes read-only/inactive in Canvas.

If a student, received an incomplete grade and needs more than 4 weeks to complete all their outstanding work, faculty should complete the Canvas web support form here: Canvas webform to request the course remain active for the student(s) who are still completing work.  This will allow the course to be read-only/inactive for all students who have completed the course while allowing full access and functionality for you and students still working on the course material.

Note:  Please include the course name, course number, and student name(s) in the Additional Details window on the support form.

Need additional help?

Please use this link to the ET&S Help Desk team to locate your local campus contact information.  Use the “Submit a Question” for your campus to enter an online support request. 

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