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This article describes how to manage your Canvas size quota.


All Canvas courses have a file storage limit of 1 GB . If you are adding audio and video files, high resolution images, media heavy PowerPoint presentations and complex programming files, it is possible to quickly use up your course size quota.  Another way to exceed your course size quota is by uploading duplicate copies of large files.

You can check the course size by going to the course files area and in the bottom left side you will see a percentage of the 1 gb that has been used. If you have reached your course quota you will not be able to upload any more course files, or videos until you remove some content. See below for ways to manage the course size quota.


Managing Canvas size quota

Remove files in Canvas -  When the quota of the course maxes out at 1 GB files can no longer be added as content. Removing files from course file storage is one way to free up space. For help with this see Managing course files.


Using outside resources to store file

There are ways to manage files using resources that store files outside of Canvas.

OneDrive- You can store any type of file in OneDrive including media-rich PowerPoint files. If you are using stand-alone media consider using Kaltura for storage and accessibility. The way in which a file is retrieved (whether through Canvas or OneDrive) is transparent to the student. Canvas and OneDrive Best Practices:

Kaltura - Kaltura is a tool allowing video/audio file uploads to a course:

Support Resource

If you are following best practices by using OneDrive, Kaltura etc. but are still having trouble staying within your quota you can request an increase. Please submit a support ticket with your request. Be sure to include the course name.


Need additional help?

Please use this link to the ET&S Help Desk team to locate your local campus contact information.  Use the “Submit a Question” for your campus to enter an online support request. 




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