Audiovisual Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Audiovisual Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Need immediate classroom AV assistance?:

Assistance for UNH Durham Classrooms Call: 603-862-2467 or 2-2467 from a campus phone line

Information and training documents for your classroom AV system

General AV and Classroom Technology:

  • All installed Mac and Windows computers in AV SuperTEC classrooms require you to log in with a UNH username and password.
  • Faculty, staff and students with UNH credentials may log in by entering their UNH ID and password.
Guest Log-ins

There are four possible solutions for a presenter who does not have a UNH account, but needs to login to a SuperTEC computer:

  • If the presenter will need repeated access, then they should request an account using the IT Accounts Management system ( or call the IT Service Desk at 862-4242 for further assistance.
    • If the presenter is an employee, they should login to the IT Accounts Management system and submit a request for an account.
    • If the presenter is not a UNH employee, they will need to be sponsored for an account by a UNH Faculty/Staff member.
    • The presenter can connect a laptop to the SuperTEC classroom systems and use that to project the desired content.
    • If a UNH faculty or staff member is sponsoring the presenter and is present, then they may choose to log onto the computer using their own account and remain on-site to monitor how the computer is being used.
    • They may contact Audiovisual Services for assistance, and a technician can come to the classroom to log onto the computer.

Using a laptop or portable device:

Microphones and audio-only system usage:



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