Projector Automatic Shut Down

On rare occasions, the projector may shut down during use. The most likely cause is that the system is designed and programmed to automatically shut itself off after four hours of inactivity. Auto shutdown typically occurs when a user arrives at a classroom in which the system is already powered up and the projector is on. If a user does not touch any of the source buttons on the touch panel (at the instructor station), the system will register this as inactivity.

If the system automatically shuts down during your class, it will take approximately 3 minutes for the lamp cool-down cycle to complete. It is not possible to restart the system until this cycle is complete. Once the cycle completes, you can restart the system, which will take an additional 3 minutes to warm up.

To prevent an automatic shut down during your class, please be sure to press any source button on the touch panel when you arrive to the classroom and begin using the system (even if the system is already powered on).


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Fri 7/19/19 5:25 PM
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