Post M365 Migration: Accessing Web-based Email and M365 Apps

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The migration of email and M365 data is complete. We are continuing to work through some clean up items related to the Desktop Based applications (Outlook, Apple Mail, Apple Calendar, OneDrive and Teams).

In order to access your email and other M365 apps via the web follow the instructions below:

1. On your laptop/computer, open web browser

2. Log into MyPlymouth

3. Go to the M365 Waffle and click on “Mail”

4. At the “Pick an account” pop up window, click on the three ellipses to the right of your name. Choose “Sign out and forget”. (See below)


5. You will be presented with the unified M365 log on page. Enter username and password. (Use only your username, NOT email address to log-on. Username: abc9876 )

6. You will be passed over into the unified M365 environment and will be able to read & send emails and access your web-based files.

We recognize that Mobile access is desirable, and we will make that information available as soon as possible. Watch this Knowledge Base landing page as a source for all the How-to documentation in-process.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please contact the Help (603)535-2929.


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