How to Return PSU-owned Electrical Equipment (SEED- Safe Electrical Equipment Disposal)

SEED stands for the Safe Electronic Equipment Disposal program. This program provides for the disposal of surplus equipment containing data storage, including computers and mobile devices, as well as equipment containing circuit boards such as monitors, printers, peripherals, scientific equipment and audio-visual equipment.

Our service provider will process all submitted items.

The service provider cannot accept items containing liquids, refrigerants, hazardous or radioactive materials and batteries (except for those used in laptops or installed in UPS devices).  When disposing of items containing any of these materials, please contact the PSU Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) or PSU Facilities for guidance on proper disposal.

When you need to return any PSU-owned electronic equipment, send an email that includes

  • The description of the equipment
  • The location of the equipment
  • Your contact number

Address the email to This email will open a Help Desk ticket and will get sent to the appropriate group.


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