EAB: Navigate - Submitting a Progress Report


Progress Reports will be generated from Navigate somewhere around the 5-8 week mark of a semester.  These reports will allow faculty to flag students that are below average for that specific class which will in-turn create an Alert and a Report for that student.  The Student's Success Team will then coordinate appropriate follow-up with the student.  


Faculty will receive an email from Navigate containing a link that will take the faculty to a report to be filled out. 

Faculty do NOT need access to Navigate in order to complete the report.

Once you click on the link, it will open up the report as seen below.  If the faculty teach more than one section in this course, each section will be listed in a separate section of the same report.

  1. Each student in the course will be listed, Faculty only need to focus on marking those students that are performing below average with "Yes".  (1)
  2. For those students marked with a "Yes" the faculty will choose an alert reason (2).  More than one reason can be applied. These reasons are hard coded.  Please see the following knowledge base article for reasons and their definitions: EAB (Navigate) - Progress Report Faculty Matrix
  3. The number of absences (if a contributing factor) may be entered as a whole number in this column. (3)
  4. Grades are an optional column for the faculty to choose (4)
  5. Comments:  It's always best to provide comments on why the student was marked with a "Yes". This information provides the student's success team with ample information to best engage the student once the report has been submitted. (5)
  6. Keep notes to fact based only.  Do not add opinions or assumptions in these notes.  These notes can be accessed by the student.  Notes need to be HIPPA and FERPA compliant.
  7. Once the faculty member has completed going through the student list, you have the options at the bottom to Submit and Return to finish later, the first option or finish and be complete.

  1. Once a Progress Report has been generated and sent out there is no way for the system or administrators to make adjustments or edits.  If there is a student in class that is not listed in the report and you have verified with the registrar that they are in-fact registered and belong in class but that student needs to be flagged, you can create a ticket using the following web form:  Navigate with the information that would normally go in the progress report and the administrators will back that information into the system so that the student end up with a report generated with the appropriate information and it sent to the student's success team.

Need additional help?

Please fill out the EAB (Navigate) web form with as much information as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.

For additional Training please visit the Teaching and Learning Technologies Docs  & Training site 


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