I use Moodle a little, but don't feel confident about revising my class

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Check the Workshop Hours for Teaching Effectively During Times of Disruption support or reach out to the Help Desk.

Plan your online format - course mapping (This resource may be helpful)

  • Revise your syllabus to reflect the adoption of online learning. Make sure you give students flexibility (due dates, attending live sessions, etc.) during this difficult time.
  • Find your gaps in knowledge:
    • what is the best way to deliver my lecture if I don't teach in the classroom?
    • switch from paper assignment submission to online submission?
    • switch your major-specific in-class activities to online activities?
  • You may need to adapt activities for online delivery
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Learn Kaltura
Learn to use online discussions [PSU Knowledgebase] [Moodle Guide]
Learn to accept online assignment submissions through Moodle [PSU Knowledgebase] [Moodle Guide]


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