Microsoft Teams Usage Guidelines

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Welcome to Microsoft Teams. Below are some guidelines to help make sure things go smoothly.

Keep in Mind:

  • Be receptive to innovation as existing features may change as Microsoft improves the Microsoft Teams experience
  • Persistent Chat: membership of a Team may change over time allowing new members to see old content

Using Microsoft Teams in general:

  • Use of Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 services provided by PSU is governed by the same policies as other university resources:
  • Your team name may show in PSU Microsoft based directories, and should use the following naming conventions to avoid confusion between similarly named lists or groups:
    • The word "Team" should be in the name
    • Your team name should be as descriptive and concise as possible
    • Your team name cannot be offensive
  • Examples:
      • Not Recommended: Senior Project 2020
      • Recommended:Red Team Senior Project 2020
      • Not Recommended: Joes Team
      • Recommended:ECON 650 John Joes Fall 2019 Team
      • Not Recommended: ECON 650 section 1
      • Recommended: ECON 650 Fall 2019 section 1 Team
      • Not Recommended: Project Team
      • Recommended: ETS Exchange Online Migration Project Team
  • Always keep at least two owners of a team
    • Owners are expected to maintain team membership
    • Microsoft Teams with no active owners may be deleted or removed by PSU IT
  • Old or unused teams may be removed if they are no longer needed or exist only as archival artifacts
  • Use and content of Microsoft Teams may be monitored by PSU IT administrators and content deemed inappropriate or in violation of PSU policies may be removed
  • PSU IT reserves the right to amend these guidelines

Useful Links:

LinkedIn Learning - Microsoft Teams



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