How to access Microsoft Teams

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In a Browser
Download the Desktop App
Download the Mobile App

In a Browser

  1. Navigate your preferred Web Browser to .

  2. IF prompted, log in using your PSU not your email address. For example:

  3. Choose the "Teams" icon from your available apps
    Note: If you do not see Teams, then click into the search bar to the upper right and search for "Teams". If you do not see it still, please contact the Help Desk at

Download the Desktop App

  1. Follow the instructions above, navigating to the web application for Microsoft Teams. Once there, click the "Get App" button in the lower left of the web page.

  2. Your computer will start downloading the application. Once completed, run the installer. If you are not automatically logged in, login using the conventions from step 2 above.

Download the Mobile App

You can download Microsoft Teams for iOS from the App Store
You can download Microsoft Teams for Android from Google Play
You can download Microsoft Teams for a Windows phone from Microsoft

Need more help?

More information available at Microsoft - Download Microsoft Teams .

LinkedIn Learning - Microsoft Teams


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