Plymouth Create (Domain of One's Own) Turning Off Automatic Backups


This article describes how to turn off automatic backups in one's own Plymouth Create.


You may notice your automatic backups taking up a significant amount of space on your account, if this is the case, you can take control of your backups and turn off automatic backup if you so wish. Be aware if your account is corrupted, this could cause problems, but we'll also show you how to backup your site on your own time.

First login to your account and navigate to your "Applications".

Turning Off Backups

First, select My Apps.

My Apps in CPanel

Then select the site you want to change your backup settings on by clicking on the top headline.

Site Header

Scroll down on the settings and turn off "Automatic Update Backup".

Do not create backup

You'll also want to select "Do not automatically maintain backups".

Turn off automatic backup

Lastly, select Save All.

Backup On Your Own

Now you can still back up your site (which is again recommended) but on your own time. All you need to do is click on the arrow back on your "My Apps" page.

Arrow to your own backup

The first backup option is saving to your current site.

backup on the site

Or you can select "Add a new backup location". Two easy options synced with Domain of One's Own (DoOO) are Google Drive or Dropbox for example. How you backup is up to you.

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