Storage Issues on Domain of One's Own

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Deleting Backup Files

One of the most common problems a user may have is with storage backups on domains. Every user is allotted 1000 MBs of storage.

Storage backups are useful if you have a problem with your site - they ensure you have other backups on file in the case that the most current one gets deleted, hacked, or otherwise corrupted.

However, most accounts are set up to auto-backup and you may have multiple backups stored - it is good to keep around one or two backups, but you likely won't need as many as there are stored for your site.

To check on your backups in Domain of One's Own first login and go to your Dashboard under "Applications" find "My Apps"

Then select "My Backups"

Check your list and see how many backup files you have.

Delete old backup files you don't need by selecting the "X" next to each backup file.

Proceed in deleting the backups by selecting "delete" for backups that you no longer need in order to clear up some storage space on your site.


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