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The job of a "Data Custodian" is to evaluate requests for access to PSU data and make determinations whether the use is appropriate, practical, and prudent. These Data Custodians are changed with the responsibility of ensuring that peoples' and departmental requests for data access, meet the legal and policy requirements which PSU imposes on the use of its institutional data.

Internal Audit's recommendations following their audit of Plymouth State's Banner Student system, included the need for PSU to identify the Data Custodians of institutional data, and ensure that these Data Custodians were:

  • Aware that they were Data Custodians
  • Trained in the responsibilities of the stewardship of the data for which they were entrusted
  • Kept in the communications loop regarding use of the data for which they steward
  • Are part of the approval process when requests to use and access the data they steward are made

In addition, PSU ITS agreed to formalize processes surrounding data custodianship, and to ensure that the individuals are part of a workflow that documents their approval of the use of the data they steward.

Currently the assignments are as follows:


Data Custodian(s)


Jen Hall


Jeremy Heidenreich


Ken Kochein

Financial Aid

Amy DelVecchia/Katharine Turner


Tonya LaBrosse & Roger Scroggins


Tonya LaBrosse & Roger Scroggins

Student Accounts Services

Amy DelVecchia/Katharine Turner


USNH/Caryn Ines


USNH/Laurie Wilcox

Runner (address correction software)

Lynn Cuda

Residential Life

Dave Carpentiere

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