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The Profile and Profile Picture are now found in the user menu which is found to the left of the main menu icon. Here is a brief description of what the different parts of Profile and how to import, delete and make an image file a default Profile Picture:


There are four sub-tabs under the Profile:

  1. About Me: This is where your name is automatically populated in the first and last name fields. You can enter a display name if you choose on this tab. There is a place to write an introduction. Make sure your introduction is professional because all of the PSU community can see this information.

  2. Contact Information: You can enter information such as a professional website, blog address, business telephone number and fax number. Remember all of PSU can see this information.

  3. Social Media: This is where you can place a professional social media account. You select for example Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram to name a few.

  4. General: Name your occupation and industry on this sub-tab.

Profile Picture

Under the profile picture, you can setup a default, delete or upload a profile picture.

  1. Set up the default profile picture, simply click the radio button under the default column and next to the picture of choice. Click the "Set Default" button to save your choice.

  2. Delete a picture(s), click the square button under the delete column and next to the picture(s) of choice to be deleted. Click the "Delete selected profile pictures" to delete the picture(s).

  3. Upload a new profile picture, click "Choose File". This will take you out to your computer. Select the image by clicking on the image file. Click the "open" button. You will be back on the profile picture screen and the name of your file should display next to the "Choose File" button. Click the "Upload" button to upload your selected image.


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