Mahara Upgrade August 2019 Rev 19.04

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Some exciting changes that will not affect your current e-Portfolios.

The main menu was changed into new areas to coincide with the three main areas of Mahara.

Those areas are:

  • Create: Create and upload artefacts, and create portfolios
  • Share: Share portfolios and view shared portfolios
  • Engage: Engage and collaborate with others in groups

A fourth option "Manage" was created to hold anything that did not fall into the three main areas.

See screenshots below.

Under the Create area, you have all the action items needed to create you portfolio.

Under the Share area, you have all the items required to share your portfolio/collections with other people.

Under the Engage area, you have all the items required to collaborate with other people.

You may remember that you can enter information manually into your profile page such as contact information, social media, etc. This option has moved to the user menu found to the left of the main menu icon. Remember, this is your public page so do not place personal information (like personal phone number, transcripts, ect.) in here that you do not want the world to see. This is where you can update your profile page, profile picture, and settings such as notification preferences.

The edit (now just a pencil icon) button and additional options button have moved to the upper right side of the screen. These icons stay in place when the page is scrolled for easy access.

It is back! You can set up hyperlinks to external web sites to open automatically in a new window.

*NEW OPTION for TEMPLATES: Now when you are making a template you do not need to use a block on your portfolio page. There is a special instruction section as part of the settings option under advance. You type your instructions in the instruction section.

Once you go to your portfolio page, the instruction option shows up at the top of the page in edit and display mode. Click the down arrow to read the instructions.

*NEW: You can now drag and drop pages to add them into collections. See illustration below that shows two choices to add pages to a collections:

If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at (603)535-2929 or email at


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