Introduction to new Campus Resources tab with Search

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It is critical that you are able to find easily the PSU Campus Communications Sites that contains pertinent information for students and employees alike. This is why myPlymouth has a tab called Campus Resources with search capabilities.

The Search includes four sections:

  • Search: Searches through a list of "official" myPlymouth Campus Communication Sites. It searches by key words, not just the title. For example, if a site is associated with "advising" and a search is conducted on the word "advising," it will be found even if the word "advising" is not in the title of the site.
  • Featured: This contains the newest official sites as they become available.
  • Pinned: Users can "pin" sites that they frequently use. This allows you to customize your myPlymouth environment to your individual needs.
  • Sites: Lists all the sites that are available.

These Campus Communication Sites are an exciting new way to communicate with and provide services to campus audiences.


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