Sending Grades from Taskstream to Moodle

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It's possible to send grades from Taskstream assignments to Moodle. Please contact the Taskstream Coordinator on campus to ensure that your course is mapped to the correct DRF in Taskstream prior to adding Taskstream assignments to the Moodle course.

1. In your Moodle course, turn editing on and within the section where you would like to add the Taskstream link click +Add an activity or resource.

2. Click the radio button for Taskstream Assignments and click the Add button.

3. For activity name, enter Taskstream Assignments, and optionally some descriptive text.

Adding a Taskstream Description

4. Scroll down and click Save and Return to Course

5. Click the newly added Taskstream Assignments on your course page to ensure that it's working correctly. You should be taken to a new window where you will be logged into your Taskstream account automatically.

6. The second step is to enroll a Moodle user that we've created, called "TasktstreamGradingUser" which indicates to Taskstream that this course should have a grade pass back. In the Admin block of your course, click Users, then Enrolled Users. Click the orange Enroll users button, and start typing TasktstreamGradingUser in the search field. Once the account pops up, click on it to add the user to your enrollment list. Click Enroll Users to complete the process.


7. The final step to allow for grade passback is to create an assignment placeholder where Taskstream will send the grade. Create an assignment as you normally would, but name it "Taskstream:" with the name of the actual assignment after the colon. As long as the assignment is prepended with "Taskstream:" the grade passback should work. Typically maximum grade should be set to 100. You may want to indicate to your students that they will not actually submit work to this assignment.

When finished, it should look something like this on your course page:

Sending grades from Taskstream

1. When students submit work via the Taskstream assignments link, you can score the work in Taskstream and choose to send the score directly to Moodle. To start, click the Taskstream Assignments link in your course.

2. Evaluate your students' work. Once you have set up grade passback in your Moodle course, you will see an additional option to send grades to Moodle.



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