First Year Seminar Resources & Best Practices

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Where do I find the First Year Seminar Poster?

The first year seminar poster template is found on ITS' Knowledgebase at if you search for " Seminar" or "First Year Seminar Templates" you will find the template designs.

Are there any examples of other FYS posters?

There is an example of poster available in our Digital Commons at

Where can I find image resources?

There are several sites where you can find free to use or Creative Commons licensed images

For most of the images on Flickr Creative you will need to attribute the creator in your poster, you can list the name of the photographer as such in your Acknowledgements:

Image via (Username) on Flickr

Do I have to use the template?

No, but if you design any other poster, we expect that you know how to properly size a poster at 36"x24" inches and submit it either as a .pptx or a .pdf file to your professor.

Where can I find other Plymouth State University resources like the logo?

Communications & Marketing has a Logos & Branding page found here where you can find lots of useful resources including the logo.

Where can I submit my FYS poster?

Depending on the semester, FYS posters are either submitted directly to your professor following their desired steps and processes or you will receive instructions to submit via our Print Depot.


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