Print Depot Submission for Showcase of Excellence Upperclassmen

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To submit your posters to the Print Depot for the Showcase of Excellence in 2019, please follow these steps:

  • Make sure if you intend on presenting at the Showcase and if you are an upperclassman that you have formally applied and submitted your research via the InfoReady website by the deadline of November 15, 2019.
  • If you need processing done at the Print Depot please submit your poster by the deadline of November 15, 2019 through the Print Depot's submission page available on campus at go/ or via the direct URL
  • When filling out the Print Depot form anything with a * must be filled out in order for the form to be submitted properly to us.
  • When submitting be sure to select that your submission(s) is/are large format print(s)

Large Format Submission

  • The Showcase does not traditionally offer laminated posters, however, if you personally can pay for lamination out of pocket we will laminate your poster - note you will have to personally pay for lamination if you select it.

lamination request

  • For the Showcase select that your method of payment will be a Department FOAPAL

payment method

  • As the costs of the Showcase (except lamination) are covered, it is recommended that you authorize printing regardless of cost

cost estimate

  • Your selection of paper would be matte, as this is the only paper we have in 4'x3' size and is also the recommended paper for research posters that are 3'x2'.paper selection

    Print Upload Single Poster
  • If you're submitting a single poster, the recommended upload process would be using the button under "Print File Upload", you can click and drag or submit. Note that file uploads using this button are limited to 20 MBs

    file submission

Print Upload Multiple Posters

  • If you are uploading multiple posters it is best to store those posters in OneDrive and then submit them - be sure to differentiate between the names of your posters either using your name or the names of students submitting the posters i.e. RydbergFYS1, RydbergFYS2 or CallowayPosterFYS, JordanPosterFYS
  • create a new folder for your posters in OneDrive

one drive folder

  • Upload your files into the folder by selecting the "Upload" button

upload in OneDrive

  • Then once uploaded into a single folder in OneDrive select "Share" to share the entire folder, choose "Anyone with the link" and leave "Allow editing" checked click "Apply"

Share in OneDrive

  • Then select "Copy Link".

Copy Link in OneDrive

  • Now you have your link.

Shared URL

  • Paste the back into the Print Depot form under the category "File Submission for Files Larger than 20 MB"

file submission

Final Instructions

Lastly in the "Additional Instructions" box please specify "Showcase of Excellence". That way we know what your poster is for and how to charge for it this is all we need to properly charge your Showcase poster.

additional instructions

  • Once you have followed all of these steps you can press "Submit" and you should then see the page below. You will then receive a confirmation email and a Help Desk ticket for your submission. If this is not the case, something is incorrect in your form and you must fix it.

submission received


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