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This article describes how to submit a video to a Kaltura media assignment.


After uploading a video to their Kaltura library, a student can easily submit a video to a Kaltura Media Assignment.

-If you are an instructor and need to set up a Kaltura Media Assignment, please refer to the following article: Setting up a Kaltura Media Assignment
-If you are a student and you need to upload your video to the Kaltura library, please refer to the following article: Managing your Video Library

1. In your course, find and click the Kaltura Media Assignment link (it may have a different name, but will be the same icon as below)

2. On the next page, click Add Media Submission

3. Your Kaltura Media library will pop up. to the you would like to submit, click the blue Select button.

4. You'll be taken to the submission page where you should see a preview of your video. * You must click the Submit Media button to submit your video.

5. Finally, you'll receive a confirmation that your video has been submitted. Should you need to replace your video, and if your instructor has allowed it, you simply need to click on the Kaltura Media Assignment button, click Replace Media, and repeat the process above.

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